Eva JacobsonMarch 1, 2020: Eva Jacobson Named Director of Incubator
Eva Jacobson ‘16, a UConn Law graduate with extensive experience in immigration law, has been named director of the Connecticut Community Law Center. She will continue her solo practice at the center. Read more 

Mark SchreierMay 8, 2018: County Bar Association Honors Incubator Director Mark Schreier
Mark Schreier, director of the Connecticut Community Law Center at UConn School of Law, has been honored with the 2018 Liberty Bell Award from the Hartford County Bar Association. Read more 

novelty check presentationFebruary 14, 2018: CATIC Offers Support to Connecticut Community Law Center
CATIC, the title insurance underwriter, has pledged $45,000 to support the Connecticut Community Law Center, which offers legal services to low- and moderate-income clients. Read more 

Connecticut Community Law CenterSeptember 11, 2017: 'Incubator' Lawyers Making Legal Help Affordable
Judy Bakowski kept trying to transfer ownership of her house to her daughter. They even drew up a quitclaim deed and had it notarized, but they kept running into a tangle of red tape. Deeply frustrated, Bakowski called the Connecticut Community Law Center at UConn School of Law. Read more 

Starr Hall on the Law School CampusJanuary 4, 2017: New Law Incubator Will Offer Affordable Legal Help
A new incubator at UConn School of Law will provide affordable legal services to people who need them and help lawyers establish solo practices.The Connecticut Community Law Center aims to help people who have traditionally been underserved by the justice system. Read more